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Overall goal

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Here you can find four books concerning the activities carried out by the researchers of the project. Paul Griffiths, Scientific Director of EMCDDA, presented the books at the Final Conference of Lisbon


An active area for the EMCDDA (ELDD network of legal correspondents).
Extremely useful to have these kind of cross-country comparisons to understand of both the letter of the law but also how its actually applied. A wide group countries included with up-to-date information.


New data – but also a methodological reference source. New GDP estimates. Valuable information on estimating of the size of the drug market, a guide for both researchers and national accountants in the basic methodology of estimating the size of the illicit drug markets.


Particularly interesting area where knowledge is extremely limited. Look at what happening in transitional developing world – key issue. Brings together data from a wide variety of sources includes improvement of our knowledge on drug trafficking routes. A preliminary analysis that is persuasive in arguing why this topic is important and informative in providing a conceptual framework for debate. Convincing on the importance of understanding nexus that exists between corruption and the illicit drug trafficking.


This book contributes to this debate presenting innovative data collection approaches to fill the current knowledge gaps. Provides information that is desperately hard to get and does so from a diverse set countries.

The presentations are avalaible

Final Conference of the project

New Methodological tools for policy and programme evaluation

LISBON, 7-8 February

Hosted by
European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA)

Workstream 1 Analysis of consumption and behavioural characteristics of consumers. Prof. Carla Rossi

Workstream 3: European policies aimed at reducing the demand and harms from drug abuse. International Comparison. Prof. Carla

Workstream 5 : Development of models to estimate consumption and supply of drugs. Prof. Gianpaolo Tomba

Workstream 2: Analysis of the
supply chain and its criminal enterprise. Prof. Letizia Paoli

Workstream 6 : Evaluation of the economic impact of illicit drug market. PhD Jiri Vopravil

This workstream aims at understanding, at European level, how the different policies address the needs of the different target groups (segmentation of clients) in order to reduce drug use demand, how efficiently the designed policies reach their public, and with which outcomes. Different national approaches to prevention, dissuasion, treatment, harm reduction and reintegration will be compared in order to identify patterns (clusters of countries with similar policies), and the respective outcomes in the different areas will, also, be compared (top-down approach, from policies to outcomes).

On another side, outcomes on prevention, dissuasion, treatment, harm reduction and reintegration in diffferent countries will be compared in order to identify the better improvments and the worst results (clusters of countries with similar outcomes) and the related policies will be analysed in order to explain the findings (bottom-up approach, from outcomes to policies). Doing so, best policies and pratices will be identified and critical factors for success or failure will emerge. Furthermore, an attempt to develop a dynamic model to explain the cross effects among the different interventions will be done.

Particularly, this goal provides us with an implicit measure of the magnitude of the drug-related activities and with a key indicator to monitor and evaluate contrast policies and programmes aimed at reducing the supply and the demand of illicit drugs. By means of the existing data and of the prevalence estimates (obtained by the other workstreams, inparticular 1 and 5) the matrix of users and substances will be obtained. The possible methods (indicators and models to perform scenario analyses based on data of market prices from police records) will be analyzed. The aim is to monitor and evaluate the economic impact of possible actions (supply and demand approaches) for contrasting the drug market.

Specifically it focuses on the policies adopted, including the relevant legislation and drug control strategies, but also on the concrete interventions carried out in the same countries selected for workstream 2 (that is, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and the United Kingdom). The workstream also aims to assess the impact of these interventions, including their unintended consequences. The assessment will be carried out on the basis of a database that will be developed by the workstream. Ultimately, the workstream aims to identify best practices and to draw policy relevant implications from the assessment.

This workstream aims to: - define and study the different sub-populations involved in drug use on the basis of available data in the various country; - define and analyse lifestyles on the basis of administrative data and of data from specific surveys - define and estimate length of stay in different drug using states (Length of Stay Time- LST, generalization of Latency Time-LT) - estimate consumption in particular sites by new methods and estimate correlation with drug consumers estimated by other models and methods in workstream 5.

1. survey among users in contact with low threshold services and communities and interviewes with social workers (at least in Italy as a preliminary example to be taken as a prototype). 2. use and analysis of data bases from ESPAD and General Population Surveys and available administrative data bases in the Countries where such data are available. As a prerequisite (and a by-product) an in depth analysis of the various data bases available in the different countries will be considered. 3. price analysis and identification of the possible peculiarities among students, residents in therapeutic communities and so on, using data from the survey at point 1 and in point 2. in the countries where this information is available. 4. analysis of the lenghts of time in a specific drug state which characterize lifestyles of the various sub populations of users.

Reasons why people become addicted

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How to fight against addiction

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